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Your Commitment and Support is Important

It is our responsibility as the fortunate members of the community to contribute in whatever ways we can to resolve these issues, with the exception that our policy declines any Cash donations.Since our group has a limited budget that relies entirely on private funding, your participation in our programs can make a big difference in our success. With group involvement, this accomplishment can be achieved. Our supporters for Special Events Christmas include companies such as Universal Music Canada and Warner Brothers Entertainment Canada, as well as celebrities such as The Barenaked Ladies. Children everywhere deserve the opportunity to lead safe, healthy and educationally creative lives. Please join us in our effort and together we can provide the necessities to improve the standard of living for these unfortunate kids so that they too may have a better tomorrow, because they are quite simply, just kids.CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE. Our Solutions Our hope today is to inform you about a new initiative that will establish a food program in the low income areas in order to feed the children of Canada who desperately need our support.