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BECAUSE THEY’RE KIDS (Est. 2001) is a registered non-profit charity group created with a clear objective in mind: to provide city-wide ‘street kids’ (the majority being orphans, the destitute from broken homes and the abused children) with the support and help that they desperately require. Our volunteer-workers who include teachers, doctors and councilors are working face-to-face with these children as well as the families who lack income, specially focusing on kids under 17 years of age.  We review what their needs are first hand and ensure that they receive help accordingly, whether it is with food, clothing, housing or education.Today, Toronto has many such unfortunate children who are in dire need of assistance from organizations such as ours and can actually benefit from them. Our client roster contains over 500 names we have obtained in confidence from Government programs such as Social Services and Welfare Canada and ACSD (children with severe disabilities) among others.Ultimately, our goal is that these children may enjoy the basic necessities as all Torontonians, therefore establishing a better quality of life for them. The Children are our FutureEvery day the growing number of children living or hanging out on the streets of Toronto is shocking, many of who are under the age of 15. The issue of street-related gangs is a gripping concern for everyone. Many are turning to a life of crime and others (as young as 11 or 12 years) have resorted to prostitution.Another major problem is that many children in such environments are born already addicted to crack, heroin or even infected with the HIV or AIDS virus, resulting in severe family breakdowns.  We intend to provide counseling and ongoing treatment programs for such cases. We are in full support of the reinstatement of the Drug Abuse Resistance (D.A.R.E) Program.Join us in taking the first step to eliminate this problem that could eventually hurt us all.